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Lancering project Zonnekiosken in Kameroen


Over 1.2 billion people -20% of the world’s population -are still without access to electricity worldwide, almost all of whom live in developing countries. This includes about 550 million in Africa, and over 400 million in India. Energy poverty is a lack of access to modern energy services. These services are defined as household access to electricity and clean cooking facilities. Modern energy services are crucial to human well-being and to a country’s economic development. (source: worldbank & international energy agency)


In Cameroon, a country in Central Africa, 45% of the population or 9 million people live today in energy poverty.



Solar Without Borders is a non-profit organization that works toward improving this reality by installing recycled solar panels in Third World countries.  The organization helps rural communities in Africa with providing affordable and sustainable energy for lighting and basic electricity through social entrepreneurship.
Two years ago, Solar without Borders launched ‘Energy Kiosks’, a social investment platform. Thanks to this  platform a network of sustainable solar energy kiosks can be rolled out in Africa.

An energy kiosk delivers energy services (battery recharging, rental of solar lamps) to the inhabitants of a village. The kiosk is managed by a local entrepreneur.




Sustainability is key in the model. “We don’t want to help on a temporary basis,  we want our project to be self-sufficient for the next generations” says founder Bert Bernolet.


The sustainability of the project reveals itself in different ways:


  • The solar lamps are produced locally. This creates employment and exchange of knowledge. Lamps are easily repaired.
  • The use of solar energy makes it sustainable for the environment.
  • The use of solar lamps is not for free. Users pay a small and affordable amount (1/3 of the costs of oil for their oil lamps), but enough to pay salaries for production, installations and follow up and save money for repairs and replacements. In that way once the project is launched it will be self-sufficient.
  • All end-of-life materials will be send back for recycling.


Today Solar without Borders developed already more than 250 energy kiosks mainly in Togo.

More than 50 people are employed in administration, production, commercial or installation services. 250 local entrepreneurs run their own energy kiosk. They deliver light for 62.000 happy customers.



Today, Solar without Borders is ready to further develop the Energy Kiosks model into other African countries. After a successful start-up in Benin, preparations are being made for Cameroon.  Already  10 villages signed up to become part of the Energy Kiosks network.


Thanks to a donation of 640 solar panels by Solora the deployment for Cameroon can speed up. With the power output of these 640 solar panels we will finally be able to light up houses for about 100.000 people. This equals the population of Bruges, the home town of Solar Without Borders.


In Cameroon it is dark around 6 pm. Children will be able to study at night, teachers can prepare their courses, mothers can cook in a safer and better environment, nurses can work at night in better circumstances, etc.




  • Solora
    • Leading Belgian company that delivers energy services for large industrial photovoltaic parks.
    • Contact: Jan Van Der Haegen – E.
    • Solora donates 640 solar panels and sponsored the transport cost
  • Nile Dutch
    • Global container shipping company
    • Nile Dutch ships the 640 panels towards Cameroon and sponsored a part of the transportation costs
  • Omnifreight
    • Leading transportation company to Africa and worldwide
    • Contact: Stef Debeuf –
    • Omnifreight sponsored the transportation in Belgium and organizes the whole transport
  • Quiviv
    • Marketing & Communication Agency
    • Contact: Jurgen Van Damme – E. – W.
    • Quiviv defines & executes the communication